Blurry HTML output (vs. clear SWF)

Oct 15, 2018


I'm publishing a Storyline presentation for 'Web' use, but when I open the HTML output file (in chrome) it's extremely blurry and low quality, but when I open the SWF file it's perfect quality. I need to use the HTML version as the presentation device doesn't have flash for internet explorer. 

I've attached two images showing the quality comparison (HTML vs. SWF)

If anyone has any suggestions then I'd be extremely grateful! Thanks.

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Phil Mayor

Unfortunately you are using storyline 2 one of the drawback is that the HTML5 is blurry when compared to the flash file, you can increase the quality by optimising then images to full and locking the player to it does not scale but the output will still be blurry. the only real solution is to publish in Storyline 3 or 360. where the HTML5 rendering engine was rebuilt from the ground up.

Dan Pearson

Thanks for the reply, Phil. That's frustrating to hear! I basically need to present the Storyline file in complete full screen, and publishing to Web was the only way I can see to do that. 

I've tried publishing to 'CD' (and double-clicking the 'Launch_Story' file) which is full quality but you can still see the Windows taskbar. Do you know if there's a way round this?

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