Text appears blurry when previewed using .story html 5 vs. .story html link.

Mar 11, 2019


I have published my e-learning in Articulate 2. Now, there are 2 issues I noticed.

1. When I preview using story (HTML 5 file) link, then all the slides look blurry and especially the zoom regions are very blurry. 

2. Now, if I preview my course using story (HTML file)link, then the quality is perfect but i am unable to exit the course on the final screen as quit button does not work. However, the quit button works on HTML5 link. 

Please see the attached screenshots for blurry image vs. actual image and the quit slide. 

Please suggest how can I overcome both these issues. 

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Umesh Jain

Well, I  viewed the published output. But I also tested on our LMS as well and unfortunately, I see the same blurry version. In addition to blurriness, I also noticed some delay in animations and clickable object do not work on some slide when I preview from HTML5 link. 

Everything seems fine when I preview using the HTML link. However, I am unable to exit the course on the final slide clicking the quit button.

Crystal Horn

Hi there, Umesh. Thanks for elaborating. In Storyline 2, the HTML5 output will not be as crisp as the Flash or story.html output. 

Your clickable objects should still work in the HTML5 output as long as your viewing it in a supported browser which, for Storyline 2, will be Google Chrome or Safari. Can you confirm you're using one of those browsers? We're happy to have a closer look if you are.

The exit course trigger might not function in all browser or LMS environments. Check out this article for more details and possible workarounds.

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