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Oct 09, 2013

What is the difference in the storyline functions between using the html5 story file and using the htlm story file? (I have a list but it covers Flash / Html5 / Mobile but not html)

The main project will not link to other projects if started in the html story, but it will link if started using the html5 story file?

When the project is viewed using the html 5 story file, it looks bad (fuzzy), but looks crisp when started using the html story file?

I would like to link the different courses without having them started by using the html5 story file because of the poor quality. (So far no actions have worked exit course / java scripts)

I built a navigation page that starts using the html5 story file this allows me to link the other courses using web objects. Those web objects start the other courses using the html story file. The only way to close the course is to exit the window itself (browser they open in new windows) .  I don’t see an issue, but the customer hates it. Is there another way?

Thank you


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Nancy Woinoski

Hi Anthony, When you publish using the html option it produces output with Flash files embedded in an html page so for purposes of comparison, html is the Flash option. 

I'm not sure what your browser requirements are but you need to be careful about using the html5 story file to link html files because HTML5 does not work on all browers especially older IE browsers.

Nancy Woinoski

I see. Have you tried creating a story project that contains buttons that jump to the URLs for each of the courses you want to link?  I just did a little test and it works well. You would need to add a button or link to each of the courses that the users could click to return to the main story project. If you use this approach you can avoid the html5.

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