Publishing issues using Flash/HTML vs. HTML/Flash settings

Feb 22, 2018

I'm a brand new SL360 user but have used SL2 for years. I am working on my first project in SL360 and have ran into all sorts of publishing issues I've never experienced before using SL2. 

I have tried publishing my course using both the HTML/FLASH and FLASH/HTML settings. Some things work using the first setting and other things work the second. However, I CANNOT get all slides to function on either setting, so I am very frustrated! Attached is a shortened version of my course with the slides/features that are having issues. Here are my notes on what it taking place:

Slide 1 – This slide has buttons that open layers. I have this slide set up in my course version to have the Next button hidden until users visit all the buttons. I also have the slide set to Resume Saved State in the settings as I don’t want to force the students to have to click each button again should they return to the slide.

  • HTML/FLASH – Buttons work fine showing the correct states and layers when clicked. However, if you return to this slide using the Previous button, all of the buttons disappear. If they return to this slide, they can no longer review the content on the layers.
  • FLASH/HTML – Everything works correctly.

Slide 2 – This slide has tabs along the bottom that are set up using the Button Set feature.

  • HTML/FLASH – Everything works correctly.
  • FLASH/HTML – Can only click a single tab, then none of the others are accessible.  

Slide 3 – Since I couldn't get the Button Set feature to work on the previous slide with the tabs using the FLASH/HTML setting, and since plain buttons were functioning correctly on my other slides I decided to recreate slide 2 using buttons. I still couldn't get the Button Set feature to work, so I made this slide to appear to function like a Button Set by adding a highlight to the selected button on each layer. However, they are NOT set up as a Button Set.

  • HTML/FLASH – Everything works correctly.
  • FLASH/HTML – Same issue as slide 2. Can only click a single button. This slide has me totally baffled. All the other slides that have buttons with NO Button Set feature work correctly. These are just regular buttons that should open layers, just like slide 1. I don’t understand why this slide is behaving any differently?

Slide 4 – Same issue as slide 1.

  • HTML/FLASH – Buttons work fine but disappear when returning via the Previous button.
  • FLASH/HTML – Everything works correctly.

Slide 5 – I added this slide is only for filler so you can return to slide 4 via the Previous button to see that the buttons disappear with the HTML/Flash setting.

Any help/advice you can provide is most appreciated, especially on how to avoid these issues on future projects.  I would hate to think that only certain features are available based on the publishing option used, such as Button Sets. Being this is my first SL360 project and that this never was a issue with SL2, I'm really surprised by all of this.

Thank you!



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