Blurry images

I know this has been discussed in detail before but I still can't fix the issue I'm facing. I'm creating process training that requires images of the system, but when I add these screenshot images to my course they're all blurry. I've tried everything in the best practice post: 

The images are blurry in edit / preview / publish / chrome / IE / 360 review and I've changed the publish quality to high. 

I'm getting frustrated as this is adding a lot of additional design time to my build and blurry images are not going to be acceptable. Any help would be amazing. 



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David Schwartz

Hi Rochelle,

One thing to check is the story size. For quite a long time, I was leaving the story size (under the Design tab) with the default settings, and was getting some blurriness on some larger images. Now I'm bumping the size up to a width of 1080 pixels, and the results are far better. 

This does affect the relative size of markers, closed captioning text and other text on the player (at least the Classic player) but in general, I am very happy with the results.



Rochelle Francis


I've increased the story to maximum pixels, saved all of my images as .EMF and then imported them. Still a tiny bit blurry but a big improvement. I just now need to go and fix all of my states and animations as they're now glitching all over the place *sob*.

Thanks for your help David :D