Board Game with Rolling Die and Questions - Help

Dec 09, 2020


I am in the process of creating a space themed, e-learning Board game on Storyline 360, but I am struggling to figure out how to get it to function the way I envisioned. My goal is to have the user click to roll a die and then have to answer a random question from a question bank. If the user gets the question correct, the game piece will move according to the number rolled on the die. If the user gets the question wrong, they will not move, and they will lose a life from the "fuel supply." 

I am having trouble with the transition from the game board to the question bank. The question bank will not randomize the questions or display the same question over and over. Additionally, I am not sure how to keep track of whether or not the user got the question right, and how to sync a correct answer to the game piece moving and an incorrect answer to the game piece not moving.

Any thoughts, ideas, or suggestions would be much appreciated!! I have also attached a prototype of the game if anyone wants to take a stab at it! Thank you all in advance.

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Benjamin Walsh

Great game! I love it!

I was able to get around the question problem by adding a results slide, and setting the question draw to 1. 

On Board Game slide, I added a trigger to reset the results slide when the timeline begins. That allowed a new question to be drawn from the pool each time.

One thing you might to do keep track of whether the question was answered correctly or not is add a true/false variable on the feedback master. Then the student could move forward if answeredCorrectly == true or lose fuel if false. 

Really nice work here. It's a very cool review/interaction. 

Megan Szwanek

Thank you so much for your reply! This was super helpful.  I tried your suggestions out, and I was able to get the questions to appear randomly!!

The true/false variable was a bit more complicated to set up. I set it up and attached it to a trigger that subtracted a "life" from the fuel supply on each dice layer. I then added a trigger on the "incorrect" and "correct" layers of each question that changes the variable according to whether or not the person got the question right. I thought this would work, but the fuel supply seems to reset each time the user goes back to the main game board. 

I've attached a new version with the changes I have made. Please let me know if you have any other suggestions for how to resolve this!

Benjamin Walsh

This is great, but it might not scale the way you want it to.

Putting the AnsweredCorrectly true/false variable on each individual questions feedback, means anytime you add a question to this course, that question will need to have the trigger installed. A better practice is to view the Feedback Master, and add the AnsweredCorrectly trigger to the Correct & Incorrect layers.

This way you have only two locations to maintain: Correct and Incorrect

I'll have to think a little bit more about the Fuel Supply variables, but my hunch is they need to be updated when the timeline begins on the main slide, rather than on the Roll layers. 

Megan Szwanek

Amazing! I tried what you suggested and it worked much better. I also changed the game a bit so that you have to click a button to answer a question and then if you get it correctly, you'll be able to roll the die, and if not, the die becomes disabled. It seems to be working fairly well now, except that sometimes you need to click the die a few times to get it to roll. I don't know if you would know of any way to clean that up?