Game- Start a Trigger Again

Mar 24, 2019

I am working on a project in which I am creating a simple board game. I have used a template found on these forums as the base, but I am running into a road block.

  • It is a one player game
  • Push green button at bottom to "roll" die
  • After "rolling" the die, the game piece moves, as it should
  • I can then "roll" the die again, but the game piece is not being triggered to move again

The original template was a 2 player game and I am wondering if I am missing a trigger/variable someplace? At this point I have been poring over it for hours trying to find the missing piece, so it's safe to say I'm too close to it and I'm stuck.

Any suggestions on how I can trigger the game piece (Player 1) to move again following the second (and subsequent) die "rolls"?


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