Bookmarking Changes in Published SCORM 1.2 files

Hello Fellow E-Learning Heroes!

I have a Storyline 360 course first published in November 2016 as a SCORM 1.2 file to our preferred LMS.

I have recently republished a SCORM 1.2 Zip file from the same Articulate Storyline 360 file to the same LMS however the course is only now bookmarking up to page 23 out of a 101 page course.

I uploaded the 2016 published SCORM 1.2 Zip file to our LMS and the bookmarks are working for all 101 pages.

I have tried publishing the same course using the two different bookmarking settings: "prompt to resume" and "always resume" and the bookmarking issue remain the same.

Our LMS provider has tested the same two SCORM 1.2 files (resent and 2016 published versions) within their own LMS test environment and SCORM Cloud replicating the same bookmarking issue. The 2016 SCORM file bookmarking at every page and the newly published SCORM 1.2 file stop at approximately page 23.

Our LMS is not SCORM 2004 compatible so I'm unable to publish and test the course outside of SCORM 1.2.

Has Articulate repackaged suspended data fields since 2016? If so, could you please provide advice of how I can ensure newly published SCORM 1.2 files of my course will bookmark every page?

Many thanks in advance for any suggestions!

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Sam Hill

Hi Boyd, this is sounding like a suspend_data field issue to me, and it sounds likely that suspend_data is going over the 4096 limit, and therefore not bookmarking beyond slide 23.

Can you confirm that the settings are being maintained, for example the slide property to determine if the slide should Resume or Reset. This is usually the biggest culprit. If several slides are set to Resume, the data for data persistence goes into suspend_data and you can quickly run out. If not essential to resume a saved state of a slide, set to Reset to initial state.

I'm unsure why this would be so different from a 2016 file, as I've thought it was always a problem, unless your LMS allows more than 4096 characters, and Storyline is actively truncating suspend_data values over 4096 characters in later versions, and not leaving it to the LMS. I'm pretty sure Storyline has handled the truncating for a good while though.

Would recommend a test of both files on SCORM Cloud to see what happens with the 2016 file on there and see if it does exceed 4096 chars.

Courageous Success

I'm having the same issue. Publishing a SCORM 1.2 using the January 2020 version of Storyline 360 (version 3.36.21289.0) my projects bookmarking works fine.

Upgrading Storyline 360 to anything newer loses bookmarking after the user gets to some slides with quite a few user entry texts. This is across two completely different project files.

My client's LMS does not accept SCORM 2004 files, just SCORM 1.2.

If the suspend_data was working fine before then it isn't anymore since after the 3.36.21289.0 version.

Something has been broken and I'm now stuck with the January 2020 version and can't benefit from any new features/bugs fix. Digging through the log change should highlight what was changed. This needs resolving...

Many thanks.