Bookmarking not working with ADP LMS

Jun 29, 2020

Hi Everyone,

I have developed a course on Storyline 360, with scorm 1.2 published. I have tested this course on Bookmarking is working fine on scorm.

But the same course is on the ADP LMS and bookmarking is not working here.

The course starts from beginning everytime, when i relaunch the course.

Can anyone please let me know that ADP supports scorm 1.2 or not? 

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Sam Hill

According to this brochure: it supports SCORM. You could turn the debug features of your course on to determine whether it is connecting to the SCORM API.

I would recommend turning on debug mode for the SCORM Comms. Open up the lms/scormdriver.js file and edit the following lines of code. You'll then see the popup window containing the results of the communication with the LMS, and you'll be quickly able to establish if they are successful.

var blnDebug = true;



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