Bounding Boxes and Outlines Different for Shapes and Buttons - SL2

Oct 29, 2015

I just noticed for the first time that, in Storyline 2, the bounding boxes and outlines on shapes seem to behave differently than those for buttons. See here:

Bounding boxes not the same

Here I have two rounded rectangle Shapes on either side of a Button. The rounded rectangles are 42px tall while the button is 44px tall. All 3 objects have a 2px weight outline. They all display as being the same size on my screen, even though they are in fact different sizes. Note that the bounding boxes align at the top but do not align at the bottom, with the outlines on the rounded rectangle shapes hanging far below their bounding boxes, while the button's outline sits perfectly on top of the button's bounding box.

If I made all 3 shapes 44px tall, the bounding boxes would of course align perfectly on top and bottom, but the appearance of the rectangle shapes would be different (larger) than the button.

Has anyone else noticed this? Should I report this as a bug?

Seems bug-like that I would have to make two objects different sizes just so I can have them appear to be the same size.

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Christie Pollick

Hi, Belen -- Thanks for your question, and for the image you provided to illustrate the behavior you are seeing! I will go ahead and attempt to reproduce the issue on my machine and will be in touch with my findings, and if I encounter the same behavior, I will be sure to file a bug ticket with our QA dept for further investigation. :)

Christie Pollick

Hi, Belen -- Thanks for your patience while I did some testing. It looks like I encountered the same behavior you did, so I will go ahead and create a bug ticket and submit it with QA. Unfortunately, at this time, I do not have a workaround or a timeframe I can give in which this issue can or will be addressed, but I will be certain to update this thread with any additional updates I receive. :)

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