Branching in Storyline

Mar 18, 2013

Hi everyone, I created this scene and have been looking at this for awhile but cannot seem to figure out what I am missing or doing wrong.

What I am trying to do is have the icons that are located in the legend be "X-ed out" after the learner selects one of the buttons above. The only buttons that I have active are the "Waste" and the "FirstAidKit" buttons.

Can someone please help?


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Brenda Heilman

Hi Adam--

You should try adding a 'visited' state to each of your icons.  In that 'visited' state, add a red 'x' over the top of your image.  Click Done Editing States.  Then click on the object and 'create a new trigger':  change state of __object to 'visited' when user clicks.

If this works like you want, you can use the Format Painter to copy the formatting (including the added state) to the other icons.  then you can also copy/paste the trigger to the other objects.  Great time savers!

Good luck!  Let me know if you have any issues!

Greg Damron

Hello Adam,

Great tips by Brenda and Bill, adding visited states and adjusting triggers on when to check for variable changes should both be of help!

Adding to this, and...  wondering about how you might build out the two currently blank slides... something else to consider may be to create master slide for just the legend display. You can then have the legend as a persistent element across all the slides (if this would be helpful) and place interaction objects where needed either on a master slide layout or perhaps just at slide level in the project where needed.

I've added a third master with a few layouts to show how it might be done. The triggers for just the 'Tools' object are set up ...and firing well! I've used triggers for both the variable change and the timeline start so it would be immediately visible and persistent on each reload.

Please see what you think and good luck on your project!

Adam Truckenmiller

Thanks everyone and thanks for the examples Greg and Bill!

By the looks of it, my mistake is I need to change the trigger to state When the TIMELINE starts and not just when the variable changes...That seems to always be my issue because I think just by stating when the variable changes that it will automatically change. lol

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