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Brett Rockwood

Good advice Bruce. And I frequently work as Mike described. And to combine both methods, instead of having the user go back to the first menu scene after each scene/branch, I've used a Lightbox slide as the menu with its trigger up in the player next to the Resources tab. That way the user can jump to the menu at any point in the course.

Gerry Wasiluk

Besides doing what Bruce suggests for having a separate scene for lightbox slides and what Brett suggested as as menu, I also keep some resources in a scene that the learner will never access.  Like slides that got cut, some developer notes, etc.

I also put the quiz in a separate scene, along with any resources for custom tabs in the top menu.

Brett Rockwood

David, I don't have an example I can share but it's pretty straightforward. Just create a slide with a menu structure of internal links to different sections of your course and any external links you desire. Then add a MENU link to the Topbar. Double-click the Menu to open the Trigger Wizard and then set it to Lightbox your Menu slide.


Brett Rockwood

It was pointed out to me recently that this works a little bit differently in SL2 it seems. When you put your triggers on the lightbox slide it is jumping to the right slide but within the lightbox instead of back on the main screen. You can fix this by adding another trigger to your buttons on the lightbox slide. You need to set it up to 1) Close the lightbox when the user clicks, and 2) Jump to the desired slide when the user clicks.

This should then jump to your new destination in the main screen and not in the lightbox.