Branching Problems

Oct 10, 2014

I have a branching scenario where the user can choose one of four paths to go down initially, but must visit all of the paths in order to complete the course. I have set up T/F variables to have the user either go back to the menu slide or the completion slide based on what those variables are. I can't seem to figure out what I'm doing wrong though. Can anybody help?

I'm also posting a stripped down version of my course to show you what I've done, variable-wise.

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Michele Liggett


I was having similar issues a few weeks ago and Bruce made some good suggestions for me.  I was able to get rid of some of the variables.  I set up triggers to change the states of my radio buttons to Visited When the timeline starts on the Object of the 1.1 slide, and added a condition  that the radio button's state was selected.  As my users click on each radio button at the beginning, the button state changes to Selected.  Once they leave the first slide and then come back to do another section, that radio button changes to Visited with a checkmark based on the trigger I mentioned earlier.

Then I have a trigger to go to another slide When the state On any of, and here I list all my radio buttons are Visited.  So when all the sections show Visited, then they can move to the completion slide or wherever you need them to go. 

I was trying to figure out to pull over Bruce's reply to my post but was unable to do that.  He included a sample story for me to look at.  You can look at my posted question on branching and look for Bruce's reply.

Courtney Saphier


Thank you for your post, but I don't think Bruce's solution is exactly what I'm trying to accomplish. 

I'm trying to get the course to go to a completion page when all of the branches have been visited, instead of looping back to the main menu to continue through the course.  Bruce's example seems to just go back to the main menu when a user clicks the home button, and that's not quite what I'm looking for. 

For your work around, do you think you could post a screen shot of your variables? I can't quite visualize what you're describing. 


Todd Mazurick


After viewing the sample course you provided, I believe I have a simple solution. I hope it works. When you have the trigger for Click to Continue, you are proceeding to the next screen before you are setting your variable. Try moving the "set variable" trigger before you proceed to the next screen in the trigger sequence.

I placed a text box on Branch2 that displayed all of the branch variables and navigated through all of the branches. I noticed that Branch3 and Branch4 were not set to True.

I hope that is the solution you are looking for.

Joe Waddington

Okay, I took a look at the file, and set a text box that would show me the value of your Branch variables. (put %variablename% into a text box to see it's value).  It looks like Branches 2-4 didn't change. So, I went to find out why.

On the Branch 2-4 slides, your triggers are out of order. Triggers are processed from first to last.  You had the trigger to jump back to the module selection happening BEFORE you set the variable to true.  Because of that, the variable was never being adjusted.  Move the Adjust trigger to the top of the list, and it should work as intended.  I'd also move the adjust trigger on Branch1 to the top of the list, so that you're sure it processes.

Hope that helps!

Brent deMoville

A simpler approach might be to setup a variable "visitcount" and increment it by one when each slide is visited.  I changed the triggers on your "Click to Continue" button as follows:

Add 1.00 to visitcount

  When the user clicks

Jump to 1.1 Main Menu

  When the user clicks

I then added a trigger to the main menu:

Jump to 2.1 Conclusion

  When the timeline starts

  If visitcount is Greater than 3.25

Visitcount will have a value of 4.00 after visiting all of the slides so it will then branch to the conclusion slide as soon as it returns to the main menu.  This gives you another alternative without so many variables.

Brent deMoville

One more thing you may want to consider is also adding  conditions that all buttons must be visited.  This will prevent a premature move to conclusion if a learner visits the same button more than once.  I just added a condition to the Jump statement testing each button:

Jump to 2.1 Conclusion

  When the timeline starts

  If visitcount is Greater than 3.25

  AND Button 1's state is Visited

  AND Button 2's state is Visited

  AND Button 3's state is Visited

  AND Button 4's state is Visited

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