Brightspace Not Getting Information from Course Done in SL360

Feb 03, 2022

I've built a number of short sims for a course running on Brightspace. The client tells me Brightspace isn't seeing completion status or score information from the sims. Each sim also has an Exit button which, I'm told, is working intermittently. I tested each sim on SCORM Cloud and the score and completion status are shown and the Exit button works.

Does anyone out there have experience with SL360 content on Brightspace? Does anyone at Articulate Support have any ideas?

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Becca Levan

Hi Dan!

Since the course is working as expected when tested in SCORM Cloud, I'd recommend having the LMS admin follow up with the folx at Brightspace for next steps. Also, have you tried reaching out to the Brightspace Community for tips?

In the meantime, I'm hoping some of our community members will chime in with their experiences!

Leslie McKerchie

Hi Dan,

Not particularly with Brightspace, since we'd recommend working directly with their team. 

You mentioned the score and completion status, so please choose Passed/Incomplete or Passed/Failed for your LMS Reporting Option. These options are most likely to record both completion and success statuses in your LMS. 

Storyline and Studio: How to Report Completion and Success Statuses to an LMS

Shonelle Wilkinson

I would love to know if there was a resolution to this. I have been experiencing the same problem with SCORM packages uploaded to Brightspace. The learner is completing all the slides and questions in the activity but the Brightspace competencies are not being checked off. I've already been working with Brightspace support with no solution. I've tried adding a quiz question to the SCORM package and changing the settings to pass/incomplete. I've tried many different setting combinations without success. 

Dan Epstein


It's been a while since this came up. I know it was resolved but I can't remember how! On our side, I set the completion to pass/fail tied to a results slide. I'm not sure, but I think the client may have had to do some editing of the manifest but don't quote me on that. All I can remember is they got it working. Sorry I can't be any more help.

Shonelle Wilkinson

Thank you for your quick response, Dan. 

I also found that adding a results slide was the only way to get Brightspace to mark the activity as complete/passed. I've been able to produce a grade to the gradebook; however, it will not transfer that completion status to any associated activities. This seems true in Brightspace only for Storyline content. 

Thank you for your response. I hope to find a resolutions with Brightspace soon.