Brightspace resetting SCORM progress

Mar 07, 2023

Has anyone found a solution for Brightspace resetting SCORM progress?  If a learner completes a SCORM package and their progress shows 100% on their dashboard and they want to go back and review the topic at a later time, the system will reset their progress back to 0%.  This is very frustrating and confusing for the learner who then things they need to go back and re-complete the module.  Brightspace does not have a resume functionality, so what is the workaround for this?

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Jose Tansengco

Hi Heather, 

Thanks for reaching out!

A resume functionality will need to exist in an LMS for it to remember course progress when a course is launched after it being completed. This article explains resume behavior in Storyline 360: 

Without a resume functionality, your LMS might interpret courses being relaunched as a new attempt, which could explain why progress is being reset. You can test how your course will behave in an LMS that has resume functionality by following the instructions here

I'll let other members of the community chime in to see if they have any solutions that they'd be willing to share  on how to retain progress in LMS environments that do not have resume. 

Yi Yan Lim


I'm also trying to figure out this same issue, but with Rise. May I ask what SCORM version you are using? 

Just a bit of extra info I'd like to share:
I recently tested out SCORM 1.2 and SCORM 2004 (2nd - 4th editions) with a Rise package.

So far, SCORM 1.2 has been the most stable version for me in the sense that the learner progress doesn't reset itself. But the downside for this, for SCORM 1.2, is that the progression will be updated as 'complete' as long as the learner reaches the end of the package (without interacting with the contents).

For SCORM 2004 (4th edition), it's been able to mark as 'Complete' only after the learners interacted with the content. But that's where the aforementioned issue comes in - when the learner leaves the package and comes back to review the content, the 'complete' status in Brightspace is returned as 'N/A', and the tick also disappears/progress returned to 0%.

So yea, I'm still trying to figure it out... Looking forward to hearing from the community, cheers.


(edited, PS. Just saw your other post regarding Rise and D2L's reply. For my case though, my SCORM 1.2 Rise file was able to resume where the learner left off.)

Aaron Marks

Happy Tuesday Heather!

From my experience using xAPI instead of SCORM 1.2/2004 removes the "passed/complete" options from the publishing options of Articulate Rise since some reporting is more automatic with xAPI. In Rise, we select a quiz for tracking instead of completion 100% if there is a gradable quiz within the eLearning. We had some issues with SCORM reporting in Brightspace and I did some Googling to try to determine if there was a better version to use than SCORM. I landed on xAPI since I read somewhere that it was the newest version that was compatible with D2L, but I'm not sure if that's correct. It has been working well so far for our team though. I have included a few Rise snapshots to show you the removal of reporting option when choosing xAPI over SCORM:
I hope this is helpful!

My Best,

Daniel McHugh

Heather you haven't clarified if you used SCORM 1.2 or SCORM 2004. 

Which do you use?

I'm asking because I'm a ardent Articulate user that has a iSpring developed course that is experiencing the Reset to 0% when publishing to Experience API but not seeing it when we publish to SCORM 2004.

I've used SCORM cloud to perform testing on SCORM modules and it has a very nice report at the end of a group of sessions. The logs show exactly all the communication between the LMS and SCORM module. It really breaks down what the break down is and when it happens.  Very very good diagnostic tool. Just hope that you don't end up debugging a SCORM cloud only problem. I like it because  it can show that it is not so much the LMS but the API and Publishing tool that are the problem when the problem happens with both my LMS and the SCORM Cloud testing. The SCORM cloud can be free if you keep the number of courses down. 

I'm interested in hearing back if you are using the older 1.2 which is known to have resume problems. SCORM 2004, I would expect to be the goto. Experience API is still something very much up in the air for me since I've had the problem with Ispring publishing. Lots of promise though.