Bring forward results of pre-test questions

Aug 16, 2021

I have a client who wants to evaluate a learner's current competence against a series of learning objectives using Likert scale and free text entry questions and then bring these results forward once the learner has completed the learning.

Is this possible in Storyline 360?  And if so, could these Storyline blocks be added to a Rise course?

All options so far haven't worked and I'm happy to tell the client it's not possible if there isn't a solution.

Any ideas welcome!

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Lauren Connelly

Hello Lisa!

You're in the right place for advice! I'm sure we have community members who have built similar in their courses.

To clarify, are you looking for these results to be displayed to the learner, or do you want the results to be shown in the reports? If you're looking for internal results, you should be able to find the interactions listed in your LMS. 

Lisa Emmington

Hi Lauren

I'm looking to have the results displayed to the learner.  I've had an email from Support who have suggested a possible workaround is to use Storyline blocks to pass variables from one Storyline block to another. However, this involves JavaScript coding, and thus we recommend posting this to our forums to ask assistance from our developers/authors who might have suggestions on how to achieve this feature.

Lauren Connelly