Browser right-click interferes wtih software demo

I am using Storyline to for a software demo, using the Record Screen feature.   Part of my software demo includes using the right-click to open context menus.  This works great when I preview the slides.

My problem is that when I publish, the browser (Firefox) has its own right-click menu when someone clicks on a Flash object.  So the trigger never fires in the published course.  Instead a menu pops up from the browser when I  right-click. 

I've attached a .story showing the problem  Preview works great.  Is there a work-around to get a right-click to work in a published course?

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Michael Hinze

I assume you are testing this locally? I noticed too that when you run a web-published project locally, right-clicks do not work in Firefox and Chrome. However, when you upload your published content to a server it will work. See here, your file running on my server; the right-click works for me in IE11,FF26 and Chrome34.