Browser settings and Storyline settings - what takes precedence?

Hi.  We have begun experiencing some issues with our Storyline courses in the SuccessFactors LMS.  We are troubleshooting and one of the questions we have is whether the Storyline 360 settings take precedence over LMS settings, or if the LMS settings take precedence.  We generally publish in SCORM 1.2 with the courses set to Pass/Fail.


Thank you!!

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Lauren Connelly

Hello Patti!

Is there a certain setting that you're looking to change? As of now, the LMS setting will take precedence, but most of the settings in Storyline 360 are configured to determine how information is passed to the LMS, and the LMS handles how the information is reported. 

It would be helpful for me to understand what type of settings you're looking for, and I can share if they're found in Storyline or an LMS environment. 

Patti Powell

Thank you for your reply!  I hope my explanation helps.  We are trying to determine the root cause of our issue.  We have over 300 courses that we programmed in SL2.  In each of these, we recorded a video demonstration and then created practice and assessment exercises from the video.  They worked just fine until they didn't.  When learners are asked to press the Enter, Delete or Tab key, the course no longer recognizes that and counts the question as incorrect.  We also have another group of courses that do not communicate scores or completions.  Our learners can use the browser of their choice at the present time, but we have found that IE gives us the best functionality.  We are all going to Edge and only Edge in the coming months.  We are working to determine if it is Storyline settings or browser settings that are affecting our courses.  And, we also need to determine optimal browser settings, regardless of the root cause.  Thank you again for any suggestions you may have.

Matthew Bibby

It sounds like you have a lot of courses there that have been published over a long period of time. I suspect that a lot of the issues you are discovering are due to using older versions of Storyline to publish these courses. A lot has changed in the browser space over the past few years and what worked then won't work now. Flash is dead. IE is dead. It's time to update your courses to work with modern browsers. You are moving to Edge, which using the Chromium engine (same internals as Chrome), so you definitely need to update your courses. If you need help doing an audit and updating these, let me know, I likely know some people who can help.

Mateusz Szuter

For me, best setting for SAP is passed/incomplete and works with every client's LMS.

However, your issue is 95% what Matthew wrote - browsers from SL2 era are totally different from modern ones. Hardly to blame Articulate team here - they are constantly releasing fixes for every major browser change. But SL2 is, well, past its usefulness time ;)