Browsers Button (X) does not seem to trigger bookmarking in Storyline Course

Jan 16, 2015

I have a Storyline course that does not seem to initiate bookmarking to the LMS when the window is closed using the browser Exit ("The X") button.  However, we have an Exit button within the course that is set on the trigger, "Exit Course when the user clicks" the exit button and that works fine.  It appears that however I have my course configured that when the Windows Exit button is selected it will not initiate the call to bookmark the course on the LMS.  Does anyone have any wisdom on what I am missing or doing wrong to cause this?


Thanks a lot for the assist.

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Richard Schmidt

Thanks Wendy.  I seriously suspect it to be an issue with either IE and/or the LMS as I cannot deduce how the course would ever have control once the browser session is closed by the X button.  Ironically, it seems to work fine in Safari and communicate the proper information.  It seems that this problem would not be unique to the eLearning community, however, I am having difficulty finding a lot written about the issue.  BTW, this course is being hosted on an Army SABA LMS, which is probably configured more stringently due to computer security sensitivities.

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