BUG discovered on refreshed Sequence Drag and Drops

Hi, I just wanted to bring to peoples attention the following bug I have discovered with the inbuilt Storyline 2 Sequence drag and drop.

On the build I have attached, I have a 'refresh' button on my custom navigation bar at the bottom should a learner wish to start the slide again when they have completed the activity and received their Correct/Incorrect feedback layers.

The problem occurs that when you get to the Correct/Incorrect layer and press refresh which triggers to show this slide (Thus refreshing it) which has 'Reset to initial state' actioned in its properties, the sequence drag and drop becomes locked and you cannot move the dragable items upon it refreshing. They do not even show a hover state, whereas the rest of the assets on the base layer are able to be interacted with.

Bizarrely if you complete the slide, advance to your next slide and go back, then the slide works perfectly fine.

This problem occurs in preview and published modes. This is also using the most up to date version of Storyline 2 updates. 

Is there a fix for this or would this be a fix that could be included in the next update?


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Susi B

Hi John,

I think we had a similar issue with our final quiz not refreshing. I have attaced a file for you with 2 options how to solve this. :)

Option 1: Instead of going back to your actual slide, go to an empty slide which goes rigth back to the slide you want to refresh.

Option 2 (and maybe better if you want to add more of this quizzes): I think the main problem of the quiz slide is, that is has no result slide it is sending its score to. So you can insert a result slide and set a trigger on the quiz slide which resets the results, when user clicks on the refresh button. ATTENTION: This trigger to reset the results MUST be before going back on the slide. :) You know first trigger comes first.

Hope that helps.