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Martin Abildgaard

Hi Walt

Thanks for your answer.

And no, I wouldn't expect different objects in the same group to trigger each other's actions. E.g. if I grouped three buttons together to form a dashboard than can be moved on/off the screen, I wouldn't expect that pushing button A would trigger the actions of button B or C. 

Susi B

Hi Martin,

if you group something in storyline you "merge" them together. So they act/behave like one object. This way you could even usa a group as a drag object. Thats why it´s storyline "logic" that a group has no seperate objects anymore which seems logical to me or I wouldn´t need a group.

See this article which says "Grouping is a handy way to move, size, rotate, flip, or change other attributes of multiple objects at the same time—as if they were a single object."


Martin Abildgaard

Hi Susi

Thanks for your answer.

But a group does indeed have separate objects which you can change state of, trigger actions with and all the other stuf, which works well except for the down state issue.

In my case, I need the group function to move a dashboard containing lots of buttons and input fields on/off screen as needed, rather than creating a motion path for every single object.