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Christine Hendrickson

Hi Génia,

If I understand correctly, the "Incorrect" review bar is displaying on slides where the question being displayed was answered correctly. Is that right?

If so, can you tell us a little more about your project, please? How are learners viewing this project when this happens? Are you sharing the course through Flash, HTML5, a web server, LMS, mobile, etc.?

Also, which version of Storyline are you currently running? You can find this information by clicking on Help >> About Articulate Storyline.

Also, if you're able to do so, it may help to share the .story file here, so we can test the issue.


Rebecca Fleisch Cordeiro

Hi All,

Génia, by any chance are the Properties of your quiz slide for "When revisiting" set to Reset to initial state (see red underline in screen shot)? This causes the red incorrect bar to appear on correct answers in Storyline.

If so, try changing your setting to Resume saved state.

Here's an example:

Nicolee Anderson

Hi Rebecca and other readers,

A similar issue is happening in my quiz: some questions, when answered correctly, and confirmed as correct by the green check mark, show the red "incorrect" banner at the bottom when the user clicks "Review Quiz." Those questions are also scored as incorrect on the Results Slide. Curiously, this glitch only happens on the last few quiz questions of my 15-question quiz - sometimes the last 2, sometimes the last 3. And this glitch never shows up on the first try of the quiz - it only happens when the user clicks the "Retry Quiz" button for a second or third (etc.) attempt at the quiz.

I have set all my quiz slides to "Resume Saved State." I have trialed the quiz in the Scorm cloud and it works perfectly fine there. I have also had the Articulate Support team try it and they can't replicate the glitch using the same zip file. It seems only to be happening when the course is loaded into my LMS. Our LMS Vendor is currently looking into it, but so far, we don't have a resolution.

I have also tried recreating the quiz from scratch and it played fine when only 6 questions were added, but the glitch showed up again as soon as the quiz became larger than 10 questions. Each of the 15 questions do pull from a bank of 2 - 3 questions, so it is a sizeable file.

Has anyone heard of this happening before? Is there any further suggestions of things I could try adjusting in my quiz?

Thanks so much!