Bug or Feature - Shadow selection of Text in a Text Box in Storyline 2?

Jul 09, 2015


Now I have a lot more experience under my belt, from tutorials and responses posted in this great community, I tried to replicate a course written by others, in an earlier version of Articulate, from scratch.

When making some of the text yellow on a white background, explaining different coloured text in some software, I realised I needed to give it a shadow.

However, on selecting just the yellow text within the inserted text box and selecting shadow, all the text gained a shadow and not just the yellow text.

On trying the other options within the Font section of the Home tab, and the right-click contextual menu, I found all the other settings only affect the selected word.

I already have a workaround, suggested by my boss, which was that on doing it in PowerPoint, it works as expected and I can copy and paste it from there.

I'd call this a bug as opposed to a feature.

Do I need to raise a feature request on this anyway, or will this get added to an outstanding bug list if I report it to Support?

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Steve,

I do see that this was something our QA team took a look at and determine it to be a feature request. You can submit your thoughts to them directly here and that'll get reviewed by our product development team.

Thanks for sharing the .story file here so we could confirm what you were referring to! Have a great weekend. 

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