Shadow in Notes text (Not Captions) of Storyline 2

Mar 05, 2015

HI, I've been having a this issue where the Notes text in some of our side appear to have a shadow that cannot be removed. This usually occurs when I copy some caption text (that does have a shadow) into the Notes section by accident (Doh!). As this shadow appears in the Player Transcript, it is a big visual problem.

I have tried the following:

  • The 'Text Shadow' and 'Format Painter' buttons are greyed out
  • The 'Clear Formatting' button only removes bold, italics, underline formatting, not shadow
  • Copying text from another caption with shadow removed. All the formatted except the lack of shadow is pasted.

Due to the large number of layers and triggers used on the slide it is very difficult to copy into a new blank slide. Anyone have any other suggestions?






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Alexandros Anoyatis

Hi Terence,

Use the notes tab as if you don't have an issue with shadows. Once you're finished with the module visit each slide and temp-cut the notes text on an empty notepad file (Ctrl-A, Ctrl-X on notes, Ctrl-V on notepad). Then dump the content right back to the notes tab. That should get rid of all formatting and shadows.

Hope this helps,

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