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Apr 17, 2018

This game has the final question (Question 20) change a Variable "Q20" to "True" when the page is visited.  Then when it jumps to the main page, it has a trigger to show a layer when the timeline starts when "Q20" = True.

However, all I get is a blank page.

I've been trying different things to no avail.

Any ideas?

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Susi B

Hi Robyn,

how did you trigger this layer? If you triggered "show layer X when variable changes Q20 equal true" it´s maybe not working, because the variable is changing on an other slide.

Try using " show layer X when timeline starts slide X with the condition varibale Q20 equal true".

Or if this is not working, you could maybe share your file here?


Robyn Millard

Thanks Susi

Page Question20 has
A multiple choice question
A variable trigger 'Set Q20 = True when timeline starts'
A Correct and Incorrect layer, that jump to page Gameboard when you click
However when you click Continue on the Correct and Incorrect layers, I just
get a blank page. It never loads the page Gameboard - just a blank white screen.  I know it's jumped to Gameboard because when I select the menu, the Gameboard page is highlighted.

However if I use the menu to go to the page Gameboard manually, the Q20 variable is still set to 'false', yet the others, like Q1, Q2, etc are correctly set to either 'true' or 'false'.

Gameboard page has
A variable trigger 'Show layer Done if Q20 = True when timeline starts'

I can send you the package if you like.


Susi B

Hi Robyn,

that´s an awesome game. :) But somehow it´s buggy. Sometimes I get a blank page (at the gameboard slide) when I answer 5-6 questions and am not at question 20. Sometimes I am at Q20 and get the question and then I get a blank page again. It´s really strange. Seems like storyline is not loading the slide correctly. But I don´t know if the saving the slide progress is the problem here.

BTW your "done" layer can´t be shown with the "when timeline starts" trigger, because you save the slide progress. So even if it would work you wouldn´t see the done layer. If you would reset the slide you would have to trigger your meeple with the total variable you already have so you can show the layer of the total dice counter.

Also you don´t need the "hide layer" trigger on your correct/incorrect layers, because you can´t answer the question again. This trigger could also cause some trouble because triggers are performed from top to buttom. So the first trigger in the list is performed first and could block the following triggers.

I think this needs some more time to investigate and fix it, but maybe this helps you already a little.


Walt Hamilton

Also you don´t need the "hide layer" trigger on your correct/incorrect layers, because you can´t answer the question again. This trigger could also cause some trouble because triggers are performed from top to buttom. So the first trigger in the list is performed first and could block the following triggers.

Actually, if you execute a trigger to jump to another slide, it will block the execution of the following triggers. If you hide a layer, you are still on the same slide, and the following triggers will still execute.

Walt Hamilton

I agree with Susi, it's a well-done piece.

I disagree about the "done" layer, it showed for me, but I didn't look at it closely enough to see if there is a problem.

Here's what I found. One time one of the layers (apparently a random one) didn't return to "gameboard", and Question 20 at times did and at times didn't. The one item in common is the correct/incorrect sound. When a layer plays the sound, the jump to "gameboard" is completed. When no sound is played, the jump is started, but not completed. It seems to make no difference whether it is the correct or the incorrect sound. Since Articulate, in their infinite wisdom, has robbed us of the ability to know the name of the sound, I can't tell what format the sound is.

I know that the sound is not loading/playing, but I don't know why.  Somehow, the fact that the sound doesn't finish keeps the jump from completing, or whatever prevents the sound from completing also stops the jump.

I suspect the problem is loading, but I'm not certain.

One other thing that bugs me to death is that I have to click the "Click to roll dice" label, but cannot click the die itself. Maybe it's just a personal thing, but my first impulse is to click the die to roll it.

Robyn Millard

Susi and Walt, thank you for your insights and your time.

I've removed all the 'hide layer' triggers.

I've replaced every instance of the audio - replacing with .mp3 files.  Still however Question 20 page doesn't play the sound.

I've tried changing the Done layer to a page, so Question 20 jumps to a new page called "You're Done".

Still the same old issue with some pages not completing the jump back to Gameboard in a seemingly random fashion and Question 20 page not playing the sound on it's Correct or Incorrect layers.

I've installed the latest patch.

I'm now really frustrated.  I've spent days trying to fix this when I could have rebuilt the whole file ... but then again that probably wouldn't would work again.

I found this documented bug dated 17/4/18 which the Articulate developers are working on, but it doesn't seem to relate.  I've tried in other browsers and get the same problem.


Robyn Millard

Miker Ang from Articulate Support had a look and sent a reply, but he's not answered the issue.  He's gone to the show layer Done trigger on slide 1.4 Gameboard, which is not actually the issue.  His distraction was probably because the file I sent him had a whole bunch of stuff in it that I had put in and taken out in a random hope of fixing it.  The issue occurs sometimes on a Question X slide and sometimes not, regardless of whether the Gameboard should show layer Done or not.

I think Walt is more on the money - because when the slide triggers and goes blank, the sound never plays on that layer which is the first action on that layer.

Zsolt Olah


I'm not sure if you have solved this by now but it has something to do with the motion path effect on the character. You can simplify the issue by setting the random dice to 1. As you go through the 3rd round, it always ends up with the blank screen.

If you remove the motion path (just use fading), the white page doesn't happen for me. Now, it's not as smooth as moving it, though. 

One usability suggestion, add a hotspot on top of the dice. Storyline only registers the dots and lines on the image (the white space is transparent), therefore you have to click on the dot or the line. If you add a hotspot over it, it doesn't matter where you click.

I hope it helps,


Robyn Millard

It sure did.  I've applied that change from motion path to Fade in on the character animation and it now works ;O)

I have another similar project that I'd love some Hero expertise with.  This one is to do with my bad logic on triggers.  It's a similar dice roll game but the dice roll has different layers to show depending on what you roll.  However it keeps jumping from the Board page after the first time you click to roll.

The more I try to fix the logic, the more I seem to break it :o(

Walt Hamilton

Yes, but it may be difficult. If you hide the layer first, it will go ahead and complete the list of triggers, but hiding it will stop its timeline, so the actions that depend on the timeline ending won't be triggered. If you jump to another slide, the execution of the triggers is interrupted at that point.

It suddenly just occurred to me that this might work. Create a layer that hides other layers and has triggers that jump to all the questions depending on the diceroll variable. Have each of the 6 layers show it when their timeline finishes. By opening, it will hide them, then jump to the question slides when its timeline starts. Might work.

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