Bugs in layers triggered by states?

Apr 05, 2016

Hi there, I'm having some problems with the attached file. If anyone can please help me resolve them it would be much appreciated.

Slide 1.1 – The states of the menu buttons are not updating based on the topic complete variables becoming true at the end of each topic. This also means I can't test the final display layer on the menu screen that is supposed to trigger when all 4 topics are complete.

Slide 2.2 - The states on the white boxes seem to be combining so I have a blue box with a green tick, instead of a blue box when its selected and a green tick when its visited.

Slide 2.2 - The Return to menu layer displays when all boxes are visited, but it appears under the other layers, even though its the top most layer and has hide other slide layers checked.

Slides 3.1 and 4.1 - I have a trigger to show a return to menu layer when three buttons are visited, but it is not firing.

Can anyone please tell me what I'm doing wrong or if there is a bug in my code? 

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Wendy Farmer

Hi David

just had a quick glance.

Order of triggers very important that is how SL executes them. 

So on slides 3.1/4.1/5.2 you have the jump to menu trigger before the set topic variables to complete so those variables never change to true and then on the main hub the state won't change because the variables are still false.

Do you want to make those changes and check order of other triggers to see how it affects your other issues.

Wendy Farmer

Hi David

I have moved the triggers on the slides I noted above. I did that by selecting the 'set variable' trigger and then clicking the up arrow to move it so that it was the first trigger before the 'jump to trigger'.

On the 'return to menu' slides.  I added the trigger to each of the layers as you can't be sure the learner will get the activity done by the time the timeline on the base slide ends - I also reduced all your timelines to 2 secs from 40 secs so you could see the triggers were working.

Not sure about the D & D slide - I can't get it to work, which means I can't get to the MResponse slide underneath it.

See updated file and hope that helps you solve some of your issues.

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