Build Medical Patient Interview Scenario

Has anyone out there created a quiz-type interaction that could simulate an initial interview between a sick patient and a nurse?  A client of ours would like to set up scenarios where nursing students could be tested (and tracked in an LMS) on what questions they ask a patient who presents with a particular problem, say, a cold she has had for a week.  Text entry is not really feasible but it seems like a branching scenario with a variety of question types could be worked out somehow.  Just checking to find out if someone has already tried this and would have suggestions.

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Corinna Ely

Hey Terry. We did something similar to your needs a couple of months ago. See if this is a help. It's more a matter of indepth planning for design contingencies (pros/cons) between quiz slides and standard slides. There are some tradeoffs but ultimately it works. Attaching the storyline file here. Unfortunately, the other option appears to be learning variables and a bunch of other stuff our deadlines did not support.


Also, FYI - if you want incorrect (0pts), partial correct (some pts), and then best response (full pts), just add more quiz slides

Matthew Bibby

Hey Terry, I've done this kind of stuff before and it works well, although it can be a bit tricky to build. I'd advise making sure you are clear about how it will flow before you start building it in Storyline as it can get confusing to change things around later.

There are some good tips on Cathy Moore's site regarding branching scenarios (e.g. here).