Building Complex Quiz/Survey with Scorecard Result Slide


I am building a quiz/survey where by clients are asked how often they use certain techniques. The answers can be 3-often, 2-sometimes, 1-not very often, 0-never.

My SME would like to gather the scores from all these questions and if they score between 0-10, 11 -20, 21-30 etc. they receive a score card (results slide) with information on how to improve their processes etc. So there will be around 4 score cards available depending on what they scored.

I think I vaguely know how this would work but it would be good to get some input from some of you Articulate experts :)



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Wendy Farmer

Hi Sarah, 

I've published the 360 file to Review so you can take a look at it...if it's something you think you can use I'll rebuild it in SL2 for you.

It still has the feedback layers appearing after each slide which you can remove it you want. The Total score oval on each slide is just for testing to check the variable is adding correctly. The final result slide just has the overall score you'd need to add your 0-10, 11 -20, 21-30 ranges with their descriptions else when they land on this screen you could have them shoot off to four different feedback slides/layers depending on the score they got.

Hope this helps