Building Multiple Language Versions in One Course?

I'm wondering if anyone has any good ideas on how to build a course that delivers the content in multiple languages. 

I have a client that wants to build one course and deliver it to their global workforce (with one or two additional languages in addition to English). Is it just as simple as building a button(s) on the intro screen that will allow learners to choose their language? This would then branch to the language version of their choice.

My only concern is that the couse would become too large in file size.

Any other ideas would be appreciated!



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Jeffrey Riley

Does anyone else think there should be an easier way to have multiple languages in one course? Unfortunately, the LMS my client uses has to have both languages in one course to track it as one course. This is my first shot at two languages but it is not working. I am trying to get the Result slides to report to a common slide for tracking but that is not working either. At this time, there is an error with SL3 results slides. If you move the slide, the variables disappear.

I will try some of these solutions but this needs a better solution given more and more companies need at least two languages for their courses. A search of the Articulate data shows how many companies need this. I do appreciate this community and the great ideas difficult or not!

Wendy Farmer

Hi Jeffrey

I agree. I have just had to combine 4 languages for 4 modules (so far) for a client.  It has taken hours to work out the logic, do the variables and triggers and test to make sure every possible combination works.

Attached is the first sample I built for the client to test in their LMS.  It was a simplified version that contained only 5 questions per language and no retry or review button on the result slide and used the built in player navigation. The result slide only reported in English. It uses a variable called UserScore to tabulate the results which are sent to LMS in a JS trigger on the result slide. The User Score was multiplied by 2 to get the correct result. The player side menu has been left for testing only to show how the slides are progressing depending on the language selected...I ended up removing the player tabs altogether as only one language can be chosen.

Fast forward a couple of weeks:

The updated version now uses custom Submit/Next buttons for Review,  and a Result slide with 8 layers (2 per language for success and failure), the Results, User Score and Passing Score is translated into each language when the result slide displays. There are 11 triggers on each quiz slide and 14 on the first quiz slide.  

All in all the amount of regression testing has taken the most time.  Each time I added a trigger I would test the whole module to make sure it was returning expected behaviour.

Anyway, hope this simple attached version helps you