Building Multiple Language Versions in One Course?

I'm wondering if anyone has any good ideas on how to build a course that delivers the content in multiple languages. 

I have a client that wants to build one course and deliver it to their global workforce (with one or two additional languages in addition to English). Is it just as simple as building a button(s) on the intro screen that will allow learners to choose their language? This would then branch to the language version of their choice.

My only concern is that the couse would become too large in file size.

Any other ideas would be appreciated!



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Mark Welcome

Hi Nicole - 

Couldn't agree more.    Can I ask the vendor you are buying the landing page workaround from?  Is it a packaged solution or a custom piece they did for you?  We run into this all the time when clients want to add languages and then get upset when they are in multiple SCOs.