Built in Selected State NOT always being read by screen reader

Hi all,

I have a strange problem. I have a "flip card" activity where the learner clicks a "card" in its normal state to change to the built-in Selected state. JAWS is only reading the selected state text of the last button. I have triple confirmed that the Accessibility is active for the state. 

I have updated to the latest version.

Thoughts on what might be happening?


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Lauren Connelly

Hi Susan!

We've noticed that JAWS is only reading the normal state rather than the selected or visited state.

This is an open bug that our team is continuing to investigate! We've tested both Internet Explorer 11 and Chrome where we've seen this occur. Are you using a different browser?

I'll add your comments to the active report. I'll return to this discussion with an update if I hear of anything! Thanks for bringing this to our attention.

Vincent Scoma

Hi Susan,

I am happy to share that we just released the newest version of Storyline 360 Build 3.37.21453.0, which fixed the issue where screen readers would only read the alt text for the normal state of an object.

The next step is to update Storyline 360 by heading to your Articulate 360 desktop app and clicking "Update" next to Storyline 360. 

As always, we are happy to answer any questions you have by posting in this discussion, or you can contact our Support Engineers directly.