Built-in states in French don't work

Jan 16, 2016

Hello everyone,

I have the feeling I'm encountering a bug in Storyline. I've reinstalled it with no luck. The issue starts with changing Storyline's language to French to prepare a training.

Here is how I add a new built-in "Hover" state:

  1. I click on the duplicate button and selected the built-in Hover state (Survol in French)
  2. I make some changes to the newly created state and save.

In the preview, the state doesn't work. I'm used to work with Storyline in English without any issue so I tried to reproduce that in English. It works.

So I've tried to use Storyline in French but adding custom states named "Hover" instead of "Survol" and "Visited" instead of "Visité". Storyline recognized the built-in states and display them in French. But now... it works!

Please see the attached file and confirm the bug so I can create a support ticket.

Thanks for your help.

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