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Josh Dean

Here is the work-around I used to easily export 142 caption .vtt files for translation or updating. (see image referenced below) 

  • Copy your .story project and do the following steps in your copied version. (#1 in image below)
  • Rename your ".story" file and replace the ".story" portion with ".zip" (#1 in image below)You may need to select your windows folder "view" settings for the file explorer to show file extensions (here's how)
  • Unzip this renamed file and you will see what is in image #3 below
  • Navigate to the "/story" folder and then the "/media" folder (mine is pictured below).
    • This folder contains all your graphics, videos, etc.... and the .vtt files that were either imported by you or generated by the text to speech.
    • DO NOT rename anything anywhere in this process.
      These .vtt files can be copied out and put back or edited in place. Feel free to try changing some text and experimenting.
  • We still need to make this a ".story" file again. When you unzipped, it likely gave you a new folder that is named after your project (#2 below). Important: you must select all the files that appear inside this folder and not this folder itself. Select all the files that appear in image 3 below and right-click and "send to zipped folder". 
  • This new zipped folder can now be renamed to replace the ".zip" extension to be ".story"
  • The "story" file can now be opened normally. If everything is great than this file can become your main project file in place of your backup.
  • Bonus Tip: Use a free text editor program like Microsoft Visual Studio code and right click on the "media" folder and select "open with "VS Code". This allows you to open each file with one click and quickly preview files as well as globally search within files for specific text or spellcheck everything.

bulk caption file export

Jim Bertelsen

I do have a functioning solution for exporting closed captions in bulk.

I'm in the testing phase of an app that reads a Storyline 360 file and exports an Excel file with all captions, including original and converted filenames for media (audio, video) and vtt caption files.

The app can generate captions using speech-to-text, and generate speech using text-to-speech. It can also machine translate all captions and export two languages side-by-side in Excel. You can edit your translation in Excel, and re-import the spreadsheet back to the app, to generate new text-to-speech mp3 files.

All captions and media files can be exported to a single folder with original and Storyline's converted filenames.

While I'm in the testing phase, you're welcome to contact me at jimbertelsen@gmail.com .

I'm in need of files for testing, and if the app works with your content, I'll send you back a report of your captions.

Best regards,

Jim BertelsenApp UI

Excel Report Import/Export

Export Files with Original or Converted Filenames