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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Ted,

Thanks for the video to explain what you are seeing in your course.

This is the expected behavior. Once the animation has been applied, when you insert another bullet point, it shifts all prior bullet points to the previous cue point. When you add a bullet point at the beginning of the list, no other bullets are affected.

I'd advise applying animation once the text is completed. For your current project, you can remove the animation and re-apply or just readjust the bullets prior to your insert line.

Ted Nguyen


It kinda defeats the purpose when you have to make revisions to the contents. For example, when the course is up for annual updates. I would have to remove the animation to the texts which will reset them from their makers. Then go back in and re-align them again after new texts are added or remove.  Not all edits are at the beginning of the text list.