Button Hidden state to Normal on button timeline starts

Aug 25, 2023

Storyline version: 3.78.30747.0

Changing the button state from hidden to normal on timeline starts of the button does not work anymore.

I do not want to use timeline starts because there is a delay before the button appears and timeline starts makes it appear right away. I am avoiding timeline triggers with cue points and trimming.

Now I have to make it Normal and hide it if my variable are false.

I think the Hidden state should get recognized as all other states.

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Ron Price

Hello Michael,

I am not sure if I am seeing the issue, here.  I am assuming that your player menu is restricted and there are certain slides where you are not restricting the next button and changing to normal immediately.  Is that correct?  When you say it does not work, what do you mean? Is it not changing to normal at all? or just not quickly enough?

I do not seem be able to replicate, but I am concerned that may have misunderstood the issue.

Michael Marchand


I have a button (BT1) set to hidden. The trigger on the button is:

Change state of BT1 to normal when timeline starts on BT1.

Storyline used to see the hidden state and trigger the trigger.

Now, Storyline does not trigger the trigger when the state is hidden.


Michael Marchand

Michael Marchand

It always worked great for me, plus I don't have to re-add triggers as they get copied with the button.

Couple versions back of Storyline worked fine, did not matter what state the button was in.

It seem that it does not see the button when hidden. I guess I will have to do the inverse.