Button on base layer that works on all other layers.

Dec 12, 2019


I have a slide with a slider. The slider scrolls through 5 layers.

Once the user has scrolled through all 5 layers I want a button to pop up which leads them to the next slide.

I have tried putting the button on the base layer with a trigger to appear once the slider has gone through every layer.  The problem with this is that the users won't be able to activate it if they are on layers 1,2,3&4.

I have tried pasting a separate version of the continue button on on each layer with a trigger to appear once the slider has gone through every layer.

Unfortunately I can't seem to get triggers layer 1,2,3&4 to find the slider on the base layer.

I don't want to use the "next button" because users often miss them in the modern layout.

Thanks in advance for any assistance you can give me.



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Malcolm Armstrong

Hi Wendy

Thank you. Yes, this worked. This is what I was doing originally.

I worked out the reason why my button wasn't working on layers 123&4. It was being blocked by an image. The transparent part of the images was in the way of the button.

Silly mistake.

Anyway, thanks again. Have a nice weekend!




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