Button Set and Next Button Trigger

Hello heros!

I created a button set for this example. I want the next button to hide until all buttons are selected:

  • I created a trigger to hide the next button when the timeline starts.
  • Then created a trigger to show the Next button when the timeline starts are long as all the objects to have the selected state 
  • Created a button set for all buttons so only the one state displays at a time

This actual clicking of the buttons work great (thanks to awesome heros here) however, the Next button will not display unless I click off the slide. 

Can someone tell me what I'm missing? I even tried changing the trigger to disable until everything was visited. That did not work either.


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Mimi Hall

I tried and it does not work. The trigger in the example reads: Change state of Next Button to Normal when the timeline starts on this slide if the state of (12 objects) = visited. The button will show up after, but you have to click off the slide. 




For example, if I select all the states, buttons work fine. I have to use the menu to select the previous or next slide. However, when I return to the slide with interaction the Next button displays. However, it does not display in real-time when I select the last object to be visited.

Thank you for replying!