Hide layer based on state multiple pictures


I'm stuck. I am trying to hide the next button until the student clicks all of the pictures. I created a layer that hides the next that is show when timeline starts. Each picture has a "selected" state. I have tried the trigger

Hide Layer "Hide Next" When state on All of (all the pictures checked) are selected. 

The problem is that it hides the layer when the first picture is selected. I need all of the pictures to be selected before the Hide Next layer is hidden.

What am I doing wrong?

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Brian Dennis

You're hiding (or masking) your custom next button with a white shape on the Hide Next layer, yet have your other layers set to hide other layers. In hiding other slide layers, you hide your mask and revel your next button.

States is a nice approach - maybe put your custom buttons in a custom state on the base layer, then rework your triggers a bit.