Button set interfering with Focus/Tab order

Jan 07, 2022

Hi all, 

I have a "Pick One" interaction that I created using a Freeform Pick One. There are 5 buttons to choose from for the correct answer. Each button has a smaller button beside it that the user can click on that opens a layer with a definition. I have set up the focus/tab order so that you get the definition button first, the definition layer items next and then the answer button. Then it repeats for all five options and it works correctly. However when the Freeform Pick one is enabled, it makes the answer buttons a button set which then ignores the focus order I've set.  Instead, it tabs through each answer button one by one then goes back to all definition buttons one by one. Not what I want! I want it to tab to the definition button, then the answer button and repeat the same for each choice.

Is this something that anyone has found a workaround for? And/or is this something that might be fixed in the near future? Screen shot of the interaction and focus order attached.

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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Noelle,

Thanks for reaching out and sharing what you are experiencing with this slide.

For folx navigating via keyboard or screen reader, the answer choices are grouped for ease of navigation and selection.

You should be able to select the items on the slide, right-click, and set the button set to none: