Button Set Not Working

I'm trying to recreate a button set from an articulate template using states. I'd like to create a button set that changes the state to "selected" when they click an image and see a layer. Then, when they click a different image and visit the next layer, the first image state would change to "visited." I included a copy of the template slide and a copy of the slide I'm working on (sorry for the language - they are behavioral health videos).


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Bailey Kirbach

That's better than what I had, but it still is a little quirky...They can click on the images while they are already on the layer and the green checkmark will appear to show they've completed it instead of just visited. Any ideas on what is different from the template slide that would make it not work the same way?

Dave Cox

Hi Bailey, 

I'm sure we can make this do what you want. I just need a better understanding of exactly how you want it to work. The solution that I provided was based on my understanding of how you wanted it to work. Can you describe what isn't working, or how you would like for it to work? If I can get a clear understanding of what you want to see, I can set it up to work that way for you.



Bailey Kirbach

Thanks for your help, Dave! I'm trying to get it to work the same way as Tab A the other slide in the file attached. I can click on it once, and while I'm viewing that content the tab is gray (selected stated). When I click on a different tab, the Tab A changes to green (visited state).

In the video version of it, I want the image to show with some special formatting to make it stand out when it's clicked. They would be prompted to take a test after the video plays that are linked in a different scene. When that scene ends, they would automatically return to this slide and the state of the image would change to "visited" and the green checkmark would show.

Dave Cox

OK, I think I see what you want. 

The reason I suggested added an image to the layer to show that it is selected, is because storyline will move the state to visited when the layer changes, even if you are still hovering over the button. To get around this, just add an image to the new layer. 

When you leave the slide and come back, the you need to use a custom state to indicated that the layer was completed. You can set your variable, and change the state of the button to the custom state using a trigger based on setting the variable. You can't do this with the built in states, as they have their own built in logic.