Need to allow Reset slide AND Review Quiz option

Oct 04, 2019


How can I have a "reset" button available on my slide, but also allow the user to view the "saved" state?

I'm building out a final assessment. The questions are working appropriately, and all except for one, work when I'm allowing the learner to review their submitted quiz. The slide in question is slide 1.5, "Complete the triangle".

Desired behavior of "Complete the Triangle" slide:
- Learner can click the "Reset" button at any point
- Learner has 3 attempts to submit their response to the question
- When learner clicks the "submit" button, a feedback layer is shown
- When learner clicks the "Try Again" button on the feedback layer, the slide is reset to the initial state
- When learner completes the quiz, and clicks the "Review Quiz" button on either the Failure or Passed feedback layer, they see the "saved state" of the triangle slide

Thank you, as always, for reading, and taking a look at my problem!

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Jin Bang

Hi Chelsea,

I understand that you are trying to save the previous state of the slide to show the objects in the places they were when you go back to the slide. Unfortunately the behavior is that it resets the position of the objects when you revisit the slide. 

What I could suggest, though it may take a lot of work, is to create variables that are set to true or false (1/0) when the respective objects are placed in the right position. So that when you revisit the slide, the variables will still retain the value of 1, then you can assign states of objects to be set according to that value. 

e.g. If object 1 = 1, then it is on the drop correct state and should remain that way. Otherwise it is reset.

Makes sense? You may need to set specific variables for each dropped state, or, opt to only set variable for the correct answers.

Hope this helps, let me know otherwise.




Chelsea Taylor

Hi Bang,

Thank you for reading my question and providing that response! I am going to continue thinking about your variable setting idea. I need a variable that will allow review in incorrect states and correct states (Purpose is to show what the learner submitted in the Review Quiz flow). But, I wondered if you have any suggestions about the reset button? Ideally, I'd like learners to click a button to return all 6 "pieces" to their starting points instead of learners dragging the pieces individually to their original starting point.

Chelsea Taylor

Please note: I've found a work around which is to use "Move" trigger and slide path when the user clicks the "Reset" button, along with the "Resume saved state" setting. I'm still interested in seeing if other people have better ideas--lining up the object's path to be perfectly in line is a bit fussy.

Hi Leslie,

Thanks for reading my question and looking at my file. I realize I left out some details! The file I uploaded features the Reset button that works, but when you review the quiz results, slide 1.5 is reset. I've uploaded the following 3 videos that have the different "Slide Properties-->When revisiting" settings:

1.5 Slide Properties="Reset to initial state":

1.5 Slide Properties="Resume saved state":

1.5 Slide Properties="Automatically decide":

Leslie McKerchie

Glad you were able to find a workaround, Chelsea.

I appreciate the videos. That was very helpful in understanding what you are seeing and running into with your project.

The behavior you displayed is expected. I know the first example with the 'Reset to Initial State' does almost everything you need minus the Review well and it's because the timeline is reset during that viewing as well and the values are not held.

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