Button set on layer displays incorrectly on HTML5

Jun 14, 2016

Hi, I've picked up an issue with button sets on layers not displaying correctly in html5. I have created two files to indicate this. It is a basic drop down selection linked to a pick one interaction. If I include a button set on the layer with the options and you select the drop-down more than once then the text in the drop-down gets mingled up. If you remove the button set and the selected state from the layer then it displays correctly in html 5. It seems the selected state is the issue but you can not have a button set without the selected state. Please see the two basic slides I created to indicate this.

Kind regards


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Christie Pollick

Hi, Chris -- I appreciate your patience as I took a look, and I am experiencing what you have described, as well. I think it might be best if you were able to use this form to reach out to our Support Engineers for additional investigation of the behavior you have reported, and if you'd like to share your case number, we will gladly follow along! 

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