Button states not displaying correctly in button set

Aug 16, 2012

Hi -- Been working with Storyline about a month now.  I set up a slide with 9 different layers, with 8 different buttons (a button set) to go to each of those layers (one layer is the intro slide).  When I publish it and test it, it starts out working fine, but then, once I've visited a layer twice (it seems), the states of the buttons seem to stop displaying correctly.  For instance, I visit the first layer, the corresponding button 'glows' to indicate it's the selected layer. Visit another layer, same thing.  But I keep visiting the different layers and suddenly the incorrect buttons are being highlighted, some indicate 'down' state or 'selected' state, when they're not. It's like something is not clearing or resetting.  I've attached my .story file so you can test for yourself. Any ideas?  I need this functionality for this slide.  If this is a bug, do you have a workaround, or another suggestion as to how to handle 8 different, but related, sections? Thanks!

Brigitte Johnston

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Gerry Wasiluk


It may have something to do with your duplicating your buttons on the base layer on all the layers.

With your design, you can keep the buttons on the first layer and just cover up anything you don't want to see from the base layer by having a white rectangle covering things on each layer.  Then make sure the base layer shows on each layer.

Problem is I'm having trouble getting the base layer to now show through to the other layers no matter what I try . . .

Brigitte Cahill

I like the arrow idea!  However, this file has the same problem as mine.  The button state indicator (whether it's the 'glow' to show selected, or the dark outline to show visited) goes willy nilly after you click around quite a bit on all the buttons.  Keep clicking. You'll see what I mean.  This has got to be a bug...

Thanks -


Gerry Wasiluk

Brigitte Johnston said:

Ok, this seems to work well now. I'll pick apart your sample file to see how you set this up.  Thanks SO much for the help! I'm slowly starting to get the hang of this, but I have a long way to go before I can be a 'hero' too!


NP.   You'll get there.  Just have faith and keep working the magic that is Storyline.

This place is packed with a lot of really fine folks who unselfishly share and help others out.  So please keep asking and posting and also helping out when you can.

Lou Mang

Gerry Wasiluk said:

I deleted the Selected State for all the buttons on the base layer.  I was supplying that on each of the layers with another button that did nothing but showed the selected state of the original button on the base layer.

I tried replicating on Brigettes original version what you did. I cant seem to get the base slide (with all the buttons on it ) to show through the layers with the selected states. What am I missing?


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