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Dec 29, 2017

I have 3 columns and 3 rows of buttons.  I want the user only to select one button in each row / column.  I've set up button sets one for each row and one for each column, however it's not working as I'd expect and allows me to either select only one button in a column but all buttons in a row or vice versa. 

If they select A, they shouldn't be able to select B, 1, C, or E. 

I've tested in both SL2 and SL360 and behaviour is the same.  Interestingly, it allows me to create the button sets but once you create the final button set, either all the row ones have been removed or all the column ones have been removed.

See Peek of the behaviour. Is this a bug or it's not possible to do what I want?


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Bob O'Donnell

You really only need 3 sets of buttons. Keep your rows and delete the column set. You can then add triggers to each button that will disable/enable the buttons in the other rows/columns. Selecting "A" would set both "C & D" to their disabled state. Selecting "B" would disable "D&F" but then enable "C&E" and so on.... maybe there's a cleaner way of doing it, but this was the first thing that came to mind on a Friday.

Wendy Farmer

Thanks Bob

I did think of doing that, but if the user want's to change their mind before submitting they can't because the buttons are disabled so it would be that extra set of triggers that I would expect the button set should take care of.

That will probably be my workaround for this project but I really want to know if it's possible.

Walt Hamilton


It really isn't. SL won't allow a button to be part of two different sets simultaneously. Create sets on the rows, and write triggers for the columns - set C  to normal when A is clicked, set E to normal when A is clicked, etc.

You can do it, and this year, too, even if you have fewer hours than I before next year :)

Happy New Year.

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