Button shapes and gradients

Oct 04, 2012


I seem to have issues with shapes and gradients on buttons.  

First, when choosing a color to fill a button shape, it puts it in gradient, even though I select solid fill.  The only work around I've found so far is to set the color as gradient and eliminate the gradient by tweeking the gradient stop positions.  Is this a know application bug or am I doing something wrong here?

Also, I want my button to be square, no rounded corners whatsoever.  Even when setting the line options to square, bevel, mitter, etc., the square always end up with rounded corner :(   Then again, am I missing something or it's just not possible to have squared rectangle as buttons?



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Bill Harnage

You might look at building your own buttons w/ the desired shape and then edit the states to include the various button actions (hover, down, etc).  SL has several actions built in that you can add while editing states.  Just create a new shape for whatever action you want.

Once you have one button setup you can duplicate it or use the format painter to apply the style to other buttons.

susana mascarenhas

I know this is an old thread, but i've just found a work around using the actual storyline buttons. 

Select a button 
go to Edit states
right click on the button and select format shape
Go to Fill and select Gradient fill (counter intuitive i know)
Set type to linear 90
go to Gradient stop 1 and select the colour you want
go to gradient stop 2 and select the same colour
go to gradient stop 3 and select the same colour one more time

et voila - you have a solid fill button!


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