I Think I Discovered a Bug

Dec 30, 2022

Ever since the latest SL 360 update, the shape fill tool doesn't work as expected. When ever I create a new shape and try to fill it with a color, it won't fill. BUT when I fill the new shape with a gradient FIRST and THEN switch to a flat color, it fills with that color. In other words, I have to fill the new shape with a gradient first before it will accept a flat color. Is anyone else having this issue? Or, am I just going crazy?

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Lauren Connelly

Hello Wendy!

I am happy to help! I do not see the same behavior on my end when adding a shape to a slide, and I am using Storyline 360 (Build 3.71.29339.0). 

Are you finding this happens when adding a shape to every project or just the specific project that you're working on? If it is happening with every project, then I'd recommend a quick repair of Storyline 360. If this is only happening when working on a specific project file, then you might consider importing your project into a new project.

Please let me know if either of those recommendations do the fix!