Problem with button gradients in Storyline 2

Jul 07, 2016

Hi everyone,

I've been working on an e-learning course recently using Storyline 2, this has been fairly trouble free, but I've been having an annoying problem with gradients on some objects.

In some cases, a gradient appears on an object (usually a button) even though there is not one set in the "button effects" section. If I go into the button effects menu and set it to "no gradient" again, the colour changes (?), but the gradient is still there. I have to select a plain button style then change the colour to remove it.

I thought I had resolved the issue using this method, but I recently noticed gradients randomly appearing on buttons. It took me a while to track down when/how this happens. I remove a gradient from an object (using the above process), it appears correctly on the published content, but when I save then close the document, the gradients reappear next time I open it.

I tried to create a new button with the correct formatting, then save this as the default button style, tried replacing the buttons with newly created ones, none of this works.

This is getting very annoying, as I now have to go through the entire (50+ slide) course to check that no random gradients have popped up every time I publish the content.

Does anyone have any ideas?

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Robert T

None of these suggestions work correctly I'm afraid.

I tried removing the buttons and replacing them with a generic shape, and setting the generic shape I made as the default shape and then reinserting the shapes.

The gradients still reappear when I close the project and open it again. The odd thing is, some of the buttons work fine, but the exact same buttons are affected every time, the replacements in the same position are also affected in the same way.

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