Button States

I have 3 button states: Normal, Hover and Selected. When a button is selected - and it shows the selected state - the hover state will still appear on roll-over. I do not want this. I want the selected to stay in the selected state until another button is selected. Please advise.

That was my question. Now here's my compliment: This project is being done in Storyline because we were unable to find a workable HTML slideshow solution that would display movies and images across all browsers and computer types. After several fails we jumped over to Storyline because we can output an .exe for the PC users and HTML5 for Macs. 

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Brian Allen

Hi Lilian, sounds like you're working on some exciting stuff in Storyline!

To make your button state "stick" after being clicked, all you need to do is use the "visited" state, which is one of the default button states applied to a button if you insert one using Storyline's insert button function.  You may need to customize the visited state to suit your needs.

Storyline default button states - http://www.articulate.com/support/storyline/definition-of-built-in-states

Indrani Sen

I have a  question about button states.  For my current project-I have set of button with a normal, hover, down and visited states.  What is interesting is that only for some of the buttons, the visited state work.  I have attached the pictures for your convenience. Thanks,