Button that closes layer but to multiple other layers?

Dec 11, 2019


Not sure if this is possible but thought I'd ask.

So I have attached an example of what I am trying to do so it might make more sense! I have multiple layers with a table button on and this leads to a table layer. On the table layer I have a close button that I want to when clicked close back to the layer that I clicked the table button on.

E.g. I am on Layer 1 and click the table button, then I click the close button on the table layer and it returns me to layer 1. Then if I am on layer 3 and click the table button I want the close button on the table layer to go back to layer 3 when I click the close button.

In the example I just have the close button hiding the layer but this obviously isn't what I want. The only thing I can think of is multiple table layers?

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Kelly Sheehan

Thanks for taking the time to help me Wendy.

Just tried your example and its not doing exactly as I want, I'll try and describe what I want to happen better:

On Layer 1 > Click Table button > Table layer opens > Click close button > Returns to Layer 1 > Click Layer button to move to Layer 2 > Click Layer button to move to Layer 3 > Click table button > Click Close button > Returns to layer 3 (NOT layer 1 or base layer).

So the table button can be clicked on any of the layers it is on, it won't necessarily be clicked on every layer. The issues is that the user could just click the table button on layer 2, or they click it on layers 1 and 3 only.  With the variables you have if you skip a layer it screws it up.

Najam  Fazal

Recommended Method: Use lightbox slide and put table or any reference material in that slide. (see attached solution)

Method # 2: Use master slide and put the table button and layer on the master layout. The caveat is it might not fit all the use cases.

Method # 3: Use variable to store the value of current layer and then switch on "close button" according to the value of the variable (this is already posted by Wendy)

Tip: You may get better answers if you add in a little context as to exactly what you are trying to do.

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