Button that opens an Shape

Apr 06, 2016


I'm trying to create a slide that has buttons on the left side and when you click the button it opens a shape with a description on it. The arrow shape that opens should open to the right side of the topic. 

I have included a image of what I have done so far. I need help with the animation part. 

Thank you


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Mauro Gaiotto

Hi Ellana!

First of all you have to set the initial state of the arrow shape to "hidden" (you can do this by selecting the arrow and opening the state menu, above the timeline)
Then you set the arrow's animation, I'd go with a fly in from left.
At the end, put a trigger on the button that changes the state of the arrow to "normal", i.e. "visibile".

Let us know if it works! ;)

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